Pakistan Vs Australia – Boxing Day

December 26, 2009

Aussie have dominated in test and one day cricket for around two decades. Pakistan have not won a single test in Australia since 1996. Australia has lost that aura with the years and their batting and bowling have been exposed in a number of occasions recently. This is an ideal chance for Pakistan to score a test win in Australia. I hope for Pakistan to win this series but realistically I don’t see that miracle happening, not at least this season.

I like the spirit of Australians and their never say die attitude which once was the moto of great Imran Khan’s . I am lucky enough to watch the game in glorious and experience the amazing atomosphere at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Australians rate Pakistanis as the worst fielding side in the world and timid team of Yousef did not disappoint them. Pakistan’s fielding efforts were worse than school grade cricket teams.

Over all bowling effort was not bad at all but fielders let them down in every department, drop catches, fumbles and run out chances. Asif’s clumsy effort of stoping was very comical for Australians and extremely embarrassing for supporters in green shirts. New bowler Abdur Rauf was not impressive throughout the day.

Pakistani team did not looked liked Pakistani at all……


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