Where are they now?

January 17, 2010

-Continued from my previous post:

Current players, ex players and keen cricket Pakistan cricket followers have unanimous verdict, Pakistan Cricket Board. PCB holds a very significant, responsible for the only form of entertainment for the terrorism affected country of mine. I can not single out PCB from rest of federal institution for their incompetent and sinister management approach. We are proud of our family structure and we do not hesitate to show our affections for the love ones. What sort of Uncle would reject his own nephew or who will reject his very own son-in-law? Surely, we don’t have many relatives who can actually hold a cricket bat.

Selection is definitely not an easy process for PCB, economic and social factors must be very hard to deal with and do not forget there are some ‘constants’ in the equation as well. Surely enough, no one is dumb enough to pick a player who has scored well in Qaid-i-Azam trophy. The biggest domestic competition of cannot be compared with’ weekend cricket grades’ of Australia. First class cricket in Australia is comparable to any international cricket, infect standards are higher than international cricket, fielding standards are unparalleled.

Exposing under 19 players to international scene does pay once in a while, but it is the indication of a failed system. Roughly, I can count more than twenty U19 players who were predicted to be next top shot by selectors, but many of them were just misfires. Most of those, up and coming young stars are forgotten and other empty shells are still disappointing us. I am mentioning a few here

  • Shadab Kabir – Who ?
  • Hassan Raza – That’s a funny one, he was the youngest ever to play test cricket but later PCB took that claim back and no one knew his actual age- By applying ‘Shahid Afridi’ formula he must be over 18 in his first test. I met him and Abdul-Razzaq on their first ever U19 tour – Uptight a person, most probably he was holding his secret – Razzaq was very friendly and easy going guy.
  • Muhammad Wasim – Was a stylish player, did well against Australia and Shane Warn.
  • Saleem Elahi – He only knew a couple of cut shots.
  • Faisal Iqbal – Javed Miandad’s nephew, have not learned a thing in his whole cricketing life.
  • Taufeeq Umar – He used to be ‘next ‘Brian Lara of Pakistan, I still have his tagged T-Shirt and no one recognise that name on the back.
  • Imran Nazir – Biggest disappointment – One of my university fellow was from ‘Mureedkay’ (small town close to Lahore but not  a part of Lahore) who used to tell me about the celebrations in the town if this guy had hit a six. Imran Nazir was and still is an amazing raw talent but he has not learned a single dime in last ten years. He has played 79 ODIs, averaging around 24, which is dismal for number eight batsman.
  • Imran Farhat – Better known as FART, his father-in-law is Illyas is current selector of the team.
  • Yasir Hameed – He was a stylish batsman, didn’t perform in few matches then never heard of him again.

One Response to “Where are they now?”

  1. Welcome to Pakistan Cricket Board, collection of clowns.

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