Job Advertisement – Best job in the world

April 19, 2010

Best job of the world is up for grab in a high profile CEO and CFO of Mega Rich Scheme ordinarily known as

President of Pakistan and Prime Minister of Pakistan

These contract position are for 1-4 years duration subject to conditions. Beside advertised position we have some arising temporary roles for these vacancies arise time to time – only expatriate with ability to speak English, will be considered for those temporary roles.

Selection Criteria


  • Extensive experience in committing corruption and related events
  • Directly involvement in murders is highly regarded
  • Word law should be nonexistent in your dictionary.
  • Extensive experience in crimes, duration in prison, is highly regarded for this position.
  • Highly modified skill in creating controversies.
  • Prvious money laundering experience.

Not Acceptable

If you posses any of the following traits your application will be rejected without any further processing

  • Honesty
  • Sincerity
  • Dependability
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills

It's your chance to live in this house


  • The role encompasses involves doing nothing at all. You will get the chance to travel on your very own plane with bunch of your favourite backscratchers.
  • You will be rubbing your shoulders with prime ministers and presidents of other countries.
  • You, your family and anyone close to you will be exempt from any sort of taxes.
  • You will be above the law.
  • You will have freedom to hang your choosen deceased relative’s photo in your office and while addressing on live television.
  • You will have the power to change laws to suite your needs and requirement.
  • All your family will have the chance to live the most lavish life style imaginable.
  • Your future generations will have birth right to take over after your term.

Please call Dick Pheney for a confidential discussion. Interviews will be held in ‘House’ in W DC.

For more information take a look at current and previous candidates and wannabes.

Freedom to hit on - anyone.

In case you forget how you look like, Your framed photos will be displayed everyone in your house and all government buildings

Our Democratically allotted widower president

May be you would like to meet Angelina!!

Cannot utter a meaningful sentence? Paraphrasers will do that for you.

Have an Egg head of if you have recently transplanted hair on yours, doesn't matter.

'Dracula' look alikes are welcome for temporary roles

Your highness, Prince Bilawal Bhutto - Democratically elected future King


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