I miss George Bush…

April 23, 2010

In this fast stressful life of ours – just imagine those bearded terrorist, I have to avoid on my way coming back from work. Poor people, living in third world countries have tendency of suffering from stress and need some quality time to unwind.

Ever since Mr Obama has taken control of US presidency, I do not find any quality material to wind down. I might be the only person in this country to say ‘ I miss George Bush’. It is not even viable for Obama to come even close to the standards Mr Bush had set during his presidency. It would not hurt him to give it a try, bringing smile on some distressed faces in third world countries, would give him satisfaction.

It is not figure of speech – I do roll on the floor laughing whenever I watch these:

I found it..WMD - Just there

On the foot steps of Mr Bush, this girl could be the future president.

There is another choice, you would definitely like her, she is so pretty.


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