Long live Democracy!

April 24, 2010

I do not even know what democracy means but it does sound appealing in news and media. I heard about it through Internet newspapers, television and movies but my personal experiences are not that wonderful.

Every second years some clown is appointed to entertain us for a while and keep money flowing into beautiful, developed, democratic countries. I do accept that every time the clown quality surpasses its predecessor.  Keeping the tradition, current clown is the best so far we have had in the name of democracy or democratically assigned dictators.

What I love about Asif Ali Zardari is that, he is funnier that George Bush. Stuff that he comes up with, Mr Bush would not even had a clue.

This video has been banned in Pakistan

Translation: “What happened to DEMOCRCY — SHUT UP”

Precise translation:”What happened to DEMOCRACY –**** me UP”


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