How to Rule on Dummies

May 5, 2010

In an interview to a local channel in Pakistan, our minister reveals some generally known facts but it is so nice to hear it on television.

Host: If you are patriotic then you should kick-out corrupt member out of your party.

Minister: I would say my party has done least corruption when compared to other parties.

Host: What other parties have been involved in corruption?

Minister: Parties who have spent more time in power, parties have rigged elections against Pakistan people’s party.

Host: Tell me, whenever your party take control of the government, why they get accused of corruption?

Minister: It is because of injustice (giving back-big fat liar look)

Host: have you ever sacked any member of parliament or any party member on charges of corruption?

Minister: (Why do not you understand) Why don’t we have right on corruption, other people can do it (Why can’t we). Indisputably we have the right on corruption; it is part of our culture- if you are not involved in corruption then he is in loss.

He goes on and reveals more interesting ‘stuff’…


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