Tall buildings and desert – Dubai

May 7, 2010

Someone put it nicely that Dubai is an Adult Disneyland. My time in Dubai was nice but monetary restriction kept me at distance from fun. I couldn’t even think of spending a nite at the cheapest room in ‘Burj al Arab’. Tallest building in the world over shadowing Dubai’s skyline, Burj Khalifah is an impressive building.

Long straight roads are filled with expensive cars and blatant traffic rule violations people who can pay fines. Giant cranes were busy building new tall buildings and between sky scrapers, through giant posters, Sheikh Muhammad was sneakily starring at me with a smirk.

Biggest brands from all around the world occupy all the markets with gold sooks filling in the gaps. Dubai has everything you can imagine, even an ice-skating venue in the desert. Sheikh Mohamad might found Aladdin’s lamp and his genie makes things happen.

These genies are trapped in the modern day slavery and Aladdin has subcontracted his work to ‘Kafeels’ (someone who holds passports of poor foreign labour from Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Pakistan etc)


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