Freedom of What!!

May 21, 2010

Dictionary meaning of Fundamentalist: strict adherence to any set of basic ideas or principles. According to this definition these sorts can be found anywhere. For some of these fundamentalists who has nothing better to do than using freedom of speech to offend countries, religions and cultures. These despicable, attention seekers are not any different from hate monger extremists – it is just that they have not got their chance. Giving them the nurturing environment of depression, compulsion, misfortune they will make some notable characters if they have not already.

Freedom of speech stand for something lot more important, from which large so called free Channels shirk away on a regular basis. Al-Jazeera channel might be a joke for satirical comedians in advanced countries, but when it comes to portraying real stories it is doing its job.

If you have not got the time for the video then you might like this blog and .


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