Doctor – Make me Sick!

June 25, 2010

I have a sore eye for a few days and it was not healing itself, remedy that usually works, otherwise it is the indication to pay doctor a visit. I try my best to avoid visiting doctors, not just monetarily.

I have a ‘clinic phobia’, not sure if there is a real word for it. Sitting on an old chair I was wondering about what sort of germs, I might be sitting on. I had made an appointment but as usual I had to wait for a long while to see doctors face, that is their way of making themself important.

I am sure I get sick just sitting in the waiting room just by looking at the sick people, by wondering what sort of germs they might have on them.  Whether it is airborne or I will get the sickness just by touching the infected newspaper or this thousand years old magazine.

Who does supply these magazines anyways, and is it the last place for these magazines to rest: I would not like any of my food rolled around in any of these papers.

After painful waiting and getting infested with all sort of sickness, finally I got to see the doctor. I try my best to avoid hand shake but what choices did I had, wonder where those hands were. I am sure doctors do wash their hands but I do not see that very often..I am paranoid.

How often do Doctors smile? scenes in hospitals are not really ‘scrubs’ like at all.


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