July 4, 2010

John Howard’s bid for the ICC presidency has been the talk of the cricketing nations. I am actually surprised to hear that, Mr Howard even had the courage to nominate himself for this position. At the age of seventy, seasoned politician who has experience of winning three consecutive terms for an Australian Prime, should have remembered his contributions to the world of cricket.

The main goal of sports should be to bring nations and culture together and keep it away from hate politics. As a prime minister of Australia, John Howard ordered his cricket team to pull out from their scheduled tour of Zimbabwe.

During his visit to Pakistan he was invited to show off his cricketing abilities, but failed miserably to impress Pakistanis. His strong support of attention seeker Umpire Darrel Hair would not have gone into good books of Pakistan Cricket Board.

John Howards’ major contribution towards cricket is “That thing” comment, which should be enough to cost him any job, let alone a bid for ICC presidency.

Even though, ICC has rejected claims that Howards political connotation has anything to do with his rejection. Christian Ryan, Cricinfo’s Australian editor in 2004 wrote:

“John Howard’s one and only contribution has been to put paid to any hope of Muttiah Muralitharan touring Australia. Eight of the lamest, laziest, least considered words uttered by any prime minister on any sport – “they proved it in Perth with that thing” – will go down as Howard’s cricketing legacy.”

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