Lords honour board at stake

July 16, 2010

Surprise surprise, yet another test match for Pakistan and another disaster written everywhere on it, even the walls of the cricket ground. As a somewhat knowledgeable cricket follower, I was not expecting any miracles from Pakistan team, but I was hoping for a good fight.

Lords is the ultimate cricket ground and it is the dream of every cricketer to play at this beautiful ground. After unfortunate events in Pakistan international cricket has been halted in Pakistan for few years.

As they say, misfortunes creates new opportunities and this opportunity for Pakistan came in as playing at Lords as their home ground.

But they had made a mess of the opportunity, making unexpected heroes in Australian team.There had been a number of occasions where Pakistan could have changed the course of the game but they missed all of their chances both in bowling and batting.

Lords ‘honour board’ will be littered after this game. Last ‘off break bowler from Australia to take five wickets at Lords was in 1884, after more than one hundred years this record has been broken by a part time bowler and not to forget Shane Watson name would be on the wall of lords.


Shane Watson celebration after taking a wicket is the most disturbing event in cricketing history, now Lords, holds the record of having this embarrassing event five times.


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