Mighty Australians

July 24, 2010

I am a cricket nut, so a big test cricket fan, shorter T20 format just doesn’t do it for me. Today I witnessed an event that I have been waiting for fifteen years, a victory bigger than winning a T20 world cup for me.  It is hard to believe but Pakistan’s last test win against Australia was some fifteen years ago.

In last two decades Australia is for cricket that Brazil can even wish for, in soccer. Pakistan had great team and best bowlers in the world in nineties but they could not match the challenge of Australia, though some divine help, always been with the Aussies in this time. If Pakistan had Waqar and Wasim then Australia had McGrath and Warnie and in batting department Pakistan had no reply for Australian calibre.

The extent of this dismal Pakistan’s performance is Australia have won thirteen tests against Pakistan in a series, this record can only be surpassed by Sri Lanka’s twelve wins against Bangladesh.  Ok I am not going into more statistical details.

I am fortunate enough to travel to Australia to witness worst defeat in test cricket in earlier this year. Sydney test was the closest Pakistan ever had to a win against mighty Australians in last fifteen years. Guess what they blew it so, like eight years old kid blows birthday candles. I don’t want to take away credit from never say die attitude by Australians.

This match in Headingly had a déjà vu factor, ghosts of Sydney tests kept me away from even watching the finale hours of the game.


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