December 23, 2010

Shane Warne is no stranger to drowning down to the low but this is one of his effective ‘leg break balls’ to remain alive in the media. Somehow he becomes more eminent in his home country after all vulgar acts he get involved into, ironically, Tiger Woods was branded abominable for some similar acts. I cannot understand the double standards for a very similar act.

Recently Shane Warne has launched his career as an Anchor person for a TV show ‘Warnie’ for a channel in Australia. In one of the interviews he asked Australian Captain, Ricky Ponting, he asked a cliché’d question, “If you could be anybody for a day, who would you be?” Ricky replied,” I would have said Tiger Woods a year ago but I’ll take that back”. Warnie laughed sheepishly because he knows that Tiger woods doesn’t have ‘on again off again wife’ and at least Tiger woods wasn’t hitting on married women.


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