Ian Chappel Vs Ian Botham

December 26, 2010

Ian Botham and Ian Chappel does not only share the same first name. Both of them are cricket legends and are respected for that matter in their respective countries. Ians, who are commentatoring for 2010 Ashes seriece,  recently they made the news by holding each others’ necks.

The historical century old feud between these Ians has two different versions. It is the matter of choice that who do you like to trust. Aussies go with Chappelli (Chappel) and English follows Beefy (Botham), which is confusing for a neutral, inncoent bystandard like myself. I am confused, does not know which way to go.

I am a keen cricket follower, if not all but I do follow almost all aspects of media regarding cricket. From what I read, hear and watch of bot the Ians – I do not think either one of them is neutral. Both are blindly Patriotic to their mother nations – not to the cricket. Ian Chappell, quiet regularly, point fingers at other teams without understanding the true nature of problem. He has millions of stories to tell about how good Australians angelic cricketers.

On the other hand, Ian Botham has grown mature with the time and happens to provide a rather neutral face on TV.


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