Are we there yet !

December 29, 2010

England has done it in style, keeping Ashes urn, winning it in Australia after 18 years. It would not be wrong to say, England outplayed Australia in every aspect of the test match. My pick of the match was Ricky Ponting ‘s argument with cool headed umpire Aleem Dar.

It took good five plus minutes of the test match in, what appeared to be a heated argument between the Rickey Ponting and the Umpire. It was not the first time Ricky Ponting has been involved in on field animated arguments with umpires and opposition. But, surprisingly he was only charged 40% of his match fee, which does not seem to be appropriate. I have seen players been banned for two matches for incident lot minor than this altercation.

Ricky has done a lot of good for Australia but I do not like him because of his lack of sportsman spirit spanned throughout his career. He is on the decline for few years now, his captaincy was under threat during last season as well. Though he got a lucky boost during 2009 when Pakistan toured Australia. He owes a big thanks to Mazhar Majeed for granting him another season in a plate.

I am a firm believer that a great player should leave when he is still considered as one of the best in his area of expertise or at least he should be mature enough to understand the changing nature of their role. Prime examples of great players who said good bye are Adam Gilchrist and McGrath. Steve Waugh was another great example, who came under scrutiny during last season of his career but he shut all of his opponents by hitting one of his best tone in the very last match of his career.

When public start asking – Are we there yet? It does not do any good for the future Autobiography. I would like to see a superb last inning by Ricky and leave the cricket they way he deserve.  Doesn’t matter how much do I dislike the non-technical skills of Ricky Ponting I wouldn’t like to see him deported to Tasmania and advised only to race greyhounds, as Damien Flemming mentioned.


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