Justice Qayyume Commision – Match Fixing

April 29, 2011

I have writing about match fixing issue in cricket for quite some time now, seems like James Sutherland has read one of my post. Cricket Australia Chief executive, James Sutherland, commented that the last year issue of match fixing could have been avoided if PCB had acted upon Justice Qayyume commission’s recommendations. But Sutherland forgot to mention another more significant incident, where CA (Cricket Australia) could have taken more important stance on Match Fixing. Big cricketing names from Australian has been involved in Match Fixing issues, likes of Shane Warne and Mark Waugh. I have mentioned it in my previous post.

As usual PCB has taken offense to this comment and asked for further investigation of Sutherland’s comments. Sutherland has not said anything new, infect he had only said, what I have been saying for years that the PCB has not done anything to eradicate match fixing issue. I will go even further by saying that, PCB officials are involved in Match Fixing. But blaming that isn’t enough, some gigantic cricket boards have the full backing of match fixing in cricket. Recent memoir by CA former chief Malcolm Speed, Sticky Wicket has caused more ripples in BCCI camp.

Another recent development in Match Fixing saga of Zulqarnain Haider is the capturing of eight suspects. Pakistan media has branded Zulqarnain for leaving his team like a coward. The reason of his abrupt disappearance has not been properly investigated so far and we don’t know what is happening to his case. Zulqarnain Haider was promised a secure return to Pakistan from England by our Interior Minister, Rehman Malik. Zulqarnain’s whistle blowing stance could have been turning point for PCB’s inept administration but media portrayed him as the villain of this whole episode. Some journalists even stated that, Zulqarnain has done all this just to get residency status in England.


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