Please Don’t fire Chappelles

August 19, 2011

Australian Cricket’s sharp decline from one of the best team ever to it’s current situation is surprising for any cricket fan. I might not be wrong to say that true cricket nuts were wishing this slump for a long time, ever since they made a wild Tasmanian Devil the skipper of one of the best team in the world.

Ricky Ponting was one of the luckiest captains to have likes of Glen McGrath, Shane Warne in the team. But, the decline of Australian Cricket was quiet obvious, when they included one of the Chappell in the selection committee. Chappell brothers were great players and great captains but they were somewhat eccentric in their approach. Their blunt, opinionated and single minded approach might be suitable for on ground activities but they definitely are not management and selection material.

In a way, rest of the world is thankful to Chappelles for bringing down Australia to it’s current state, which, otherwise was not possible. They have provided similar services to Australia as what Ijaz Butt has done to Pakistan Cricket Team.

Australians; on behalf of rest of the world, I would like to say

“Thank you very much Chappelles.”


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