Donkeys and Monkeys

September 28, 2011

Indians love their animals. They even mention refer their favorite cricket players with animals. Andrew Symonds has been mentioned as Monkey by his Indian fans, of-course lovingly. Though, Symond don’t agree with it, neither do I.

I wonder why Indian media made a big fuss, when Nasser Hussain, an English commentator, mentioned some lazy fielders as Donkeys. By comparison, Donkey is a lot more subtle reference than a monkey, at least, I think so. It does not have any racial connotations associated with it either. Donkey is a lazy animal and this statement remains true, all around the globe. Mentioning someone as Donkey in England has the same meaning as it does in India. So what is all the fuss about? And, interestingly Nasser Husain is half Indian.

I appreciate Nasser Hussain as a commentator, level headed and neutral personality. Unlike some of the Indian favorites like Tony Greg, who starts wagging his tail on sight of a feed. By no means, I am referring Tony Greg as a Dog, because I love dogs and they are very faithful, unlike…


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