Initially I started this site as my travel journel, but my inability to write longer posts because of time, both mine and your, I started writing about things that compelled me to shout out loud. Then no one wants to listen of read SHOUTS, including myself and changed its name to “Wrong’un or Googly”. Googly is a delivery which decieves by turning into different direction. I’m interested in a lot of other things – I just haven’t written about them yet. I would like to write about my travel experiences, someday I will.

I only update when I have something sarcastic to say, which otherwise stays untold. The gaps between my posts can not be explained, days, hours or months.Subscribing by RSS is probably the least frustrating way to keep track of it.

I am not a political, religious or social commentator – just write about what I feel about the situation. I don’t publish my contact details on the blog because I’m scared and I do not want to end up somewhere I am not destined to.I appreciate any comments but sometimes I do not reply my comments but I’ll respond to all the comments on @ messages sent to my Twitter account.


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