Corruption in Pakistan

November 3, 2011

Corruption has became part our every day life in Pakistan. Life without corruption seems a mad man’s dream. Corrupt officials, politicians and members of armed forces living a luxurious lives without a hint of shame of any sort. Ordinary Pakistanis do not even realize that; the corruption is a punishable offense.

In a country, where murders get away with any sort of punishment, then corruption is a lot lesser offense. Currently, in Pakistan, there is so much talk going on print and other media about three match fixers. General media hosts / writers and population seems to be apologetic towards the trio.

My friends have shown their amazement on the prospects of seven years jail term of accused corrupt cricket players. It seems too harsh for them. A strict punishment for the trio would really help Pakistanis the ‘power of law’ and importance of having a free judiciary system, not only for cricket but on a much larger scale.

After an apologetic statement by Amir was read , the Judge of the case Mr Justice Cooke said : “An inference that could be drawn is that this was such a widespread activity in the team that a newcomer could be infected with the activity, as this was a norm.” This statement was given for Pakistan Cricket team, unfortunately, I can apply this to a lot of situations in this country of mine.


In an interview to a local channel in Pakistan, our minister reveals some generally known facts but it is so nice to hear it on television.

Host: If you are patriotic then you should kick-out corrupt member out of your party.

Minister: I would say my party has done least corruption when compared to other parties.

Host: What other parties have been involved in corruption?

Minister: Parties who have spent more time in power, parties have rigged elections against Pakistan people’s party.

Host: Tell me, whenever your party take control of the government, why they get accused of corruption?

Minister: It is because of injustice (giving back-big fat liar look)

Host: have you ever sacked any member of parliament or any party member on charges of corruption?

Minister: (Why do not you understand) Why don’t we have right on corruption, other people can do it (Why can’t we). Indisputably we have the right on corruption; it is part of our culture- if you are not involved in corruption then he is in loss.

He goes on and reveals more interesting ‘stuff’…

Geo TV

Pervaiz Musharraf takes the credit for freeing media during his rule, which eventually led to his downfall. A number of News channels are aired twenty four hours a day. Not so surprisingly each channel is backed by certain political figure. News TV channels in Pakistan are not for the faint hearted, horrid images are shown on TV screens regularly. Not only media has any legal bindings even code of conduct for that matter.

Freedom has its own responsibilities and media in Pakistan should realise it by now. Century old techniques for increasing the receivers by sensationalising news are being used and abused every minute on live TV.  Extent of Yellow journalism is staggering, it’s not just one paper a day, its live twenty four hours a day which can make any normal person sane.

It is an old saying that goes like that; if you give monkey a match he will burn your entire house. I do not expect any reforms or even formation of code of conduct for channels for Pakistan. At least all these channels should be forced to abide PG viewing time from 6 am – 10 pm .