I have writing about match fixing issue in cricket for quite some time now, seems like James Sutherland has read one of my post. Cricket Australia Chief executive, James Sutherland, commented that the last year issue of match fixing could have been avoided if PCB had acted upon Justice Qayyume commission’s recommendations. But Sutherland forgot to mention another more significant incident, where CA (Cricket Australia) could have taken more important stance on Match Fixing. Big cricketing names from Australian has been involved in Match Fixing issues, likes of Shane Warne and Mark Waugh. I have mentioned it in my previous post.

As usual PCB has taken offense to this comment and asked for further investigation of Sutherland’s comments. Sutherland has not said anything new, infect he had only said, what I have been saying for years that the PCB has not done anything to eradicate match fixing issue. I will go even further by saying that, PCB officials are involved in Match Fixing. But blaming that isn’t enough, some gigantic cricket boards have the full backing of match fixing in cricket. Recent memoir by CA former chief Malcolm Speed, Sticky Wicket has caused more ripples in BCCI camp.

Another recent development in Match Fixing saga of Zulqarnain Haider is the capturing of eight suspects. Pakistan media has branded Zulqarnain for leaving his team like a coward. The reason of his abrupt disappearance has not been properly investigated so far and we don’t know what is happening to his case. Zulqarnain Haider was promised a secure return to Pakistan from England by our Interior Minister, Rehman Malik. Zulqarnain’s whistle blowing stance could have been turning point for PCB’s inept administration but media portrayed him as the villain of this whole episode. Some journalists even stated that, Zulqarnain has done all this just to get residency status in England.


Blind Justice

February 5, 2011

Match fixing and Pakistan is in the news once again, Scotland yard charged the three Pakistan players. This case is getting curious with the time. It is definitely not the first time match fixing in cricket has been brought up under the spot light. Many famous names are associated with matching fixing in cricket such as Hansie Cronje, Shane Warne, Mark Waugh, Saleem Malik, Azharuddin, Ajay Jadeja, Wasim Akram and many many more. I wonder; were all of ex match fixers were any less of the culprits than these three under scrutiny?

As I am typing this ICC is about to give final verdict on the careers of these three players. Muhammad Asif, Salman Butt and Muhammad Amir are suffering from a serious weakness, that weakness is PCB. PCB is infested with fat leeches, led by clown – Mr Butt. Stockland Yard has charged the three players on the suspicion of match fixing. This is an indication, that they have some strong evidence against the players. By any chance I am not in favour of leniency with corrupt players but I would like to have an honest and neutral judgment. If ICC really wants to eradicate this issue they have to dig up the graveyard and some of the high profile previous players have to be stripped-of their records. I really do not think ICC really wants to solve the problem. They are just looking for an easy way out of this mess that has been created. ICC is acting like a failed corporation, which is only trying to save its image by demonstrating it’s supremacy over weak members of the board such.

Another not so well published incident is of a very talented Indian batsman, Suresh Raina. Sri Lanka Police had provided some evidences of Suresh Raina being in contact with bookmakers. The similarity of these two events is astonishing. But the differences are not that small either, Sri Lankan Police is no Scotland yard and this case is not being handled by a feeble cricket board like PCB. Has ICC has closed its eyes on other issues? Maybe they are not strong enough to even argue with the with the money earning son; BCCI, which has grown larger than the two elder brothers.

Looking at the financial issues of ICC and its member boards, I wonder how some of these boards manage to run their lavish affairs. A couple of ‘No Balls’, can earn hundred and thousands of dollars to a player then perhaps they are not the only one’s involved in. One would ask the blunt question about cricket board’s involvment in this lucrative market? The bookmaker, Mazhar Majeed himself mentioned that he had earned $1.5m from one test (Sydney 2010: Aus Vs Pak). A blunt thought would be: what if the players are just the tools, just another way for cricket boards to generate extra revenue? You are only bad if you get caught.

Pakistan Cricket Board is a laughing stock for cricketing world, for a very many years now. Current political situation seems like a scene from ‘Black-Adder’. Prince Zardari, a.k.a Black Bladder (BB) has a keen interest in making money from anywhere and everywhere. BB was granted reins of this country in condolence of his wife’s death, the ‘Queen far-far away’.  Coming back to the topic, Black Bladder has gifted the money minting department of Pakistan Cricket Board to one of his favorite clowns, iButt.

A couple of days ago ICC has issued Pakistan a very stern warning of cleaning up their act otherwise they will pay the price.  Black Bladder had a big laugh on this statement by ICC, rubbishing the cricketing authority.  Black Bladder, instead, have offered his congratulations to iButt for his whole hearted efforts of ruining whatever left of Pakistan Cricket.

This blatant disregard of laws and principles are political and cultural norms of this country. These two idiots have been toying with the rules, time and times again. Nothing will change for Pakistan Cricket until ICC will not take strictest action against PCB.

There is no other solution to clean the mess PCB has created. This is not easy for me to say but, I demand a Complete Ban of PCB for at least two years.  Please ICC BAN PCB…


July 4, 2010

John Howard’s bid for the ICC presidency has been the talk of the cricketing nations. I am actually surprised to hear that, Mr Howard even had the courage to nominate himself for this position. At the age of seventy, seasoned politician who has experience of winning three consecutive terms for an Australian Prime, should have remembered his contributions to the world of cricket.

The main goal of sports should be to bring nations and culture together and keep it away from hate politics. As a prime minister of Australia, John Howard ordered his cricket team to pull out from their scheduled tour of Zimbabwe.

During his visit to Pakistan he was invited to show off his cricketing abilities, but failed miserably to impress Pakistanis. His strong support of attention seeker Umpire Darrel Hair would not have gone into good books of Pakistan Cricket Board.

John Howards’ major contribution towards cricket is “That thing” comment, which should be enough to cost him any job, let alone a bid for ICC presidency.

Even though, ICC has rejected claims that Howards political connotation has anything to do with his rejection. Christian Ryan, Cricinfo’s Australian editor in 2004 wrote:

“John Howard’s one and only contribution has been to put paid to any hope of Muttiah Muralitharan touring Australia. Eight of the lamest, laziest, least considered words uttered by any prime minister on any sport – “they proved it in Perth with that thing” – will go down as Howard’s cricketing legacy.”

Is it Me or Cricket???

April 12, 2010

Watching rain of sixes, fours and creative shorts been played in almost every over of the game. Crowd goes



bizerk on every single hit that crosses the boundary or are they really? I love cricket to the core, emergence of T20 and then IPL was exciting in the beginning but all that is losing its charm. I do not feel like watching these batsmen dominated games anymore.

Bowlers are treated as second class citizens, where are the likes of those intimidating fast bowlers likes of Wasim Akram, McGrath and Waqar. I miss those “I am going to kill you next ball —-” looks.
I grew up watching mean Wasim Akram, furious Waqar and accurate Mcgrath who demanded respect from the likes of Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar. Why it has to be all one sided? All rules are against bowlers, all pitches are made for batting.
Four hundred sixes in couple of weeks, it is going all too predictable now what is next and what International Cricket Council is going to do next? In search of new audience ICC has forgotten the real cricket followers.


Waqar starring and Symond holding air inside.