Asian Champions

March 23, 2012

Pakistan won the Asian cup but Bangladesh deserved it more. I have only praises for Bangladesh team nothing else.

But, interestingly India’s media has been blaming Sri Lankan team for deliberately losing to Bangladesh in semi finals. Indian media has been trying hard to link Sri Lankan connections with book makers, for obvious reasons. Not one finger was pointed any where when India lost to Bangladesh, few days ago. And what about Pakistan throwing a game in favor of India? All of that doesn’t matter..



Amazing Virat Kohli

March 19, 2012

Virat Kohli has proved it in recent times that he is the best Indian batsman at the moment. Where Sachin Tendulkar has struggled, Kohli had thrived. In India’s recent tour of Australia Kohli was the stand out batsman, the only batsman who showed some courage on faster pitches.

Last night India has out classed Pakistan with the help of Kohli, chasing 329 in 48 overs, was a good win for Indians.

Indians in Australia 2012

January 15, 2012

Today, in Perth Indian team was humiliated again in the third test against Australia, in as many games. It was dubbed as the India’s best chance to win a test series in Australia in last four decades but it has turned out to be a sheer disappointed.

As the match's results were obvious: I'd rather put pics of beutiful Perth City here.

Perth City from Swan River

Indian nightmare in Australia is continuing with another huge defeat in Sydney. India has their best chance to equal the series 1-1, as Sydney Cricket Ground was relatively favorable to their batting lineup. From the day one Sydney pitch favored the batsmen but Indians couldn’t take advantage of winning the toss.

MS Dhoni has a cool head as a captain, but his captaincy decisions are being questioned in the series and they will be scrutinized as the series will progress. India has been avoiding the issue of their ageing middle order for a while but this is the time for some senior’s players to think for the country and give way for younger batsmen, likes of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. VVS Laxman has not been performing for a few series now and ‘The Wall’ seems to have holes in it. Rahul Dravid ‘The Wall’, who is known for his text book technique has some astounding figures of getting out bowled. He stands no 2 on hall of shame now; 52 times his wood has been rattled. He might lead the list by the end of this series.

Hole in 'The Wall'

Rahul Dravid

Along the perforated wall Sachin Tendulkar is the only beacon holder for the old group. Sachin seems to be haunted by that illusive hundred that he has been chasing for a while now. Australia, on the other hand, has emerged, once again as the dominant force that they used to be.  They have been finding some good pace bowlers but those bowlers, but some of them were made to look mediocre during last Ashes.

Alike India, Australian team has a section ready to be admitted to retirement village but pedestrian Indian bowling attack has added few more years to their working life. Ricky Ponting and Michael Hussy, who owes a big thanks to Pakistanis (Team & bookmakers) for giving them second cricketing life in 2010. Pakistan’s defeat can be associated with greed and PCB’s financial troubles (with a laugh). India’s no 1 position (rolling eyes) is on stake, let’s see what excuse do they have for loosing in Sydney.

Pup has grown up, so we can rightly call him a ‘Dog’, maybe. Michael Clark’s 329 were amazing to watch. And what about his gallant decision to retire on this score? I personally wanted him to get pass 334, just because he deserved to beat Mark Taylor.

Saint Warnie

March 2, 2011

Shane Warne should be given ‘Saint’ status after his spot on prediction of a tie match between England and India.What are the odds of spot-on prediction of a tie game in cricket? I can’t even calculate.

Shane Warne tweeted eight hours before the game, “Looking forward to the game between india and England today should be a cracker.. My prediction a tie ! ”

After the game he tweeted, “Before u think there was something untoward re prediction of a tie, thought it was going to be a cracker-tie was tongue in cheek-but right”.
Who else could have predicted it right but Saint Shane Warne. I don’t have anything else to say.

Worst in Decades!

October 13, 2010

Indian cricket team and espcially Sachin Tendulkar has proved, why he is the best but humiliating Ricky Ponting’s Australian side. Ricky Ponting widely recognized as one of the Australia’s best ever batsman but he brilliance with the bat was not enough to save Australia in their consecutive test defeats in India

Except his Cricketing skill - Ponting is not very popular in rest of the World

There is no denying in Ricky Pontings batting talent but his ability to captain Australian team has always been hidden behind ever so talented Australian team.On field his rude antics, exceptional fielding skills and special pulling and hooking abilities are hard to miss.Ponting has not been tested as a captain untill recent years, but now his leadership abilities have become evident.

When team is on a winning streak, no one take notice of little mishaps. Ponting had made career ending decisions time and time again throughout his captaining era but he had the backing of master minds like Shane Waren, Glenn McGrath to save him from, literally any situation.

In history, Ponting might go as one of the worst Australian captain in decades. If you look how and why he has lost so many games despite having one of the most talented team under his command.

Untouchable Dog

September 30, 2010

Plight of untouchables is not as touching as this news of a dog.