Imran Khan and corruption

November 10, 2011


Match Fixing Trio Jailed

November 3, 2011

Imran Khan explained it in straight forward words.

“It is painful to listen (to) the news as a former Pakistan cricketer and I feel really sorry for their families,In a way I also feel sorry for these cricketers because they are from Pakistan where there are massive corruption cases against president (Asif Zardari) and they must have thought crime pays”.

Pakistan has great hopes from Imran Khan, who is the head of political party, Tehrek-e-Insaf (movement for justice).

Corruption in Pakistan

November 3, 2011

Corruption has became part our every day life in Pakistan. Life without corruption seems a mad man’s dream. Corrupt officials, politicians and members of armed forces living a luxurious lives without a hint of shame of any sort. Ordinary Pakistanis do not even realize that; the corruption is a punishable offense.

In a country, where murders get away with any sort of punishment, then corruption is a lot lesser offense. Currently, in Pakistan, there is so much talk going on print and other media about three match fixers. General media hosts / writers and population seems to be apologetic towards the trio.

My friends have shown their amazement on the prospects of seven years jail term of accused corrupt cricket players. It seems too harsh for them. A strict punishment for the trio would really help Pakistanis the ‘power of law’ and importance of having a free judiciary system, not only for cricket but on a much larger scale.

After an apologetic statement by Amir was read , the Judge of the case Mr Justice Cooke said : “An inference that could be drawn is that this was such a widespread activity in the team that a newcomer could be infected with the activity, as this was a norm.” This statement was given for Pakistan Cricket team, unfortunately, I can apply this to a lot of situations in this country of mine.

Spot Fixing

November 2, 2011

Amir, Asif and Butt have became well known names, not for good reasons, to most cricketing nations and even in few countries where cricket isn’t a major sport. I am sitting in Singapore Changi Airport, and this news has been played over and over on the BBC news. I am desensitized of this match fixing saga, just because, in my views, it will not change anything in cricketing world.

As the court in London, heard that betting is 40-50 Billion pound business in India. Punishing three players, who were pawns of a lot bigger racket will not effect anything. The only lesson, players will take out of this issue, is to be extra vigilant. I would like these three idiots to spend sometime behind the bar.

, match fixing in cricket has became 50 billion dollar

Hashan Tillakaratne, a classy Sri Lankan Batsman, spoken out about rampant match fixing that exist in cricket. Somehow has missed the story, maybe they only publish match fixing stories that involves Pakistan.

It is hard to find words to explain Ross Taylor’s over kill of Pakistan bowling attack last night. Ross Taylor is a good hard hitting batsman, the best from New Zealand. I am not being harsh on Taylor but to be frank he has a lot to thank Pakistan bowling attach for giving him great Birthday gifts ++.

In last five overs Pakistan bowling attack was acting on a pre-written script. Over all it was a satisfactory performance but There was some bad acting by Shoaib Akhtar. Anyone who has slight interest in cricket would know the strength of Ross Taylor is mid-wicket and he plays same short too often. I don’t even like to say anything about Abdul Razzaq, who would play a little cameo once after thirty or forty games, mostly when he suspect he is about to be kicked out of the team. In his current situation he is not even worth playing for a club cricket let alone an international team.

How do I drop this sitter!!

If I were a betting person I would be a rich man after yesterdays game, the script of the game was very evident from early signals by Shoaib Akhtar and then the stamp of approval was given by our all time great wicket keeper, Kamran Akmal. My observations are purely based on Kamran’s body language. I am not implying that Kamran Deliberately dropped those two chances of Ross Taylor. I have never had any doubts of his wicket keeping abilities, my pet dog does a better job behind the stumps than him.

Clouds of match fixing scandals have surrounded Pakistan Cricket Team for several years. During years many main players have been in and out of the team for different reasons and duration. There is one Kamran, who has done blunders and mega blunders but his position was not really threatened. He has been out of the team for little while just as a precautionary measure to make fun of us forgetful people. It is not only  him that is impossible to get rid off, his younger brother Umar Akmal. During the Pakistan’s Australian tour Umar Akmal, who had only a debutant, refused to play a test match if his brother will not be included in the team. Umar Akmal,  supposedly, who was deemed a next Sachin Tendulkar by some air heads just after his first century in his first innings.

Pakistan Cricket Board has been treating this family as ‘rarest breed’. Are they really that good? Or, it is a simple case, as most other simple things happen in my country on one simple principle, “might is right”. Someone real power mafia has the support for this family. Zulqarnain Haider incident is another indicator of the might of this mafia behind this family.

After getting rid of Zulqarnain Haider, youngest Akmal got his brother’s position while he was being protect from match fixing saga. Now we have forgotten all what happened in past and the eldest Akmal is back. I have to agree that he is doing his job very well and making some people very rich.

I have written about match fixing in Pakistan cricket before and I still think that PCB is not serious about solving this issue at all.

English newspaper Sun has creating sports headlines in Pakistan and other cricket playing nations. Match Fixing saga has taken the centrestage after a gap of few years. Pakistan has not played England during this quiet years. English newspapers have always been tough on any visiting teams but they are tougher on teams who has Jockers as their managers. Ijaz Butt is a laughing stock for Pakistan for a few years now but he has the backing of No 1 Jocker – Our Prime Clown – Prime minister Asif Ali Zardari.

I strongly favor harshest penalty for any team or players involved in match fixing, only once it is proved. The blame game played by one of the English newspapers has sunk to a new low.. Read this

Jonathan Trott has been showing his antics onfield, since after this match fixing saga. Bear in mind this guy is one of many South Africans playing for England. This ‘twat’ hit one of the players on the face but newspaper mentioned victim as ‘shamless’, may be in England victims are called ‘shamless’.