Monkeys are Back

May 31, 2011

After few weeks quiet weeks and not so eventful tour of West Indies, the PCB monkeys are back in business. I don’t want to offend monkeys by calling Ijaz Butt one of them. Shahid Afridi has resigned, in protest of mistreatment and becoming a puppet captain of the cricket team.

I am so sick and tired of PCB ‘s ineptness, that I can’t motivate myself to write few more words about it. All I can say is:

Monkeys are back in Business, get ready for another nasty episode of PCB’s self destruction.


Just came across an interesting post on Ricky Ponting.

And there is another video after match controversy in 2008..

Rickey replied to a question ,”What is did in the first innings, doesn’t explain the way I play the game”…It sure does explain that you are the biggest hypocrite the game has ever seen.

Reason why Sachin Tendulkar is widely appreciated throughout the cricketing world can be associated to his demeanor.

Mount Afridi

January 29, 2011

Explosive Afridi has erupted after several quiet months. Shahid Afridi is like a volcano which goes to quiet mode for weeks and sometimes years and then there is a magnificient eruption for crowd to cheer which follows a long quiet duration. Pakistan recent win against weak New Zealand team is a good comeback and it is good step for worldcup preparation. Is it? I am not really sure.

PCB’s Big Butt

October 11, 2010

Another hilarious episode of PCB’s comedy series is about to go on air. It seems like ever funny Mr Butt, who has been leading the comedy circus for quite a while will continue his entertainment career. Legacy created by Ijaz Butt is hard to follow but PCB has a long history of producing exceptional comedians.

I wondered, after Pakistan’s England tour, can PCB beat that landmark. How ignorant of me, to even doubt PCB’s ability of producing legendary comedy. Lets we move on to the upcoming season. Just like previous season, this season seems to be bringing more surprises. In last season PCB appointed a new test captain, who did not play a Test match for years. But, that ball eating, pitch swirling captain made the series more interesting by announcing, yet again, his retirement from test cricket after first game against Australia.

After his unsuccessful efforts of ball eating we were expecting something sensational and yet Afridi did what he can do best, unpredictability is long been mentioned as ‘beauty of Pakistan cricket’.

I am a bit disappointed by to hear that Mr Butt has appointed another captain, who has not played Test cricket for a while. That script is becoming predictable, I am sure Butt could come up with something better. May be they should appoint Intikhab Alam as a captain. I am sure Mr Alam would have accepted that offer in order to serve his beloved country.

After what Butt has done for PCB, even the thought of ‘But-less’ PCB makes me sad.

Nothing to say

February 6, 2010

Pakistan kept their consistency and lost T20, they might have forgotten winning is possible. Much has been said in media and blogs so now I have anything to say about this miserable bunch.
Living in Pakistan is not fun but living outside of Pakistani as a a Pakistani can be even worse. How many times do we have to explain the unexplainable?

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi

Why those attack?
Why the other attack?
Why not banana republic?

Why the suicide bombing?
Why you are not a terrorist?
Why ball tempering?

Why corruption?
Why match fixing?
Why captaincy issues?

Why did he eat the ball?

Thankyou Afridi for the latest additions.