In a recent article in an Australian newspaper, it has been declared that ‘South Africa is more dangerous than Afghanistan’.

Stereotypical image of ‘Australians’ would be rough tough, easy going people who share their country with deadliest snakes, spiders, mossies and other nasties. We might have to change our perception, or maybe we are getting to know real Aussies now. Australians seems to be complaining about rest of the world all too often and all economical disadvantaged places seems to be too dangerous places for Ausstralians to visit.

Australian cricket team has not visited Pakistan for since their last visit of 1998 making security as an excuse. Since 1998 all other major teams have visited Pakistan during that time including England (2005), South Africa (2007), New Zealand (2002) and major rival India (2006) without any trouble.

It is ironic that English people have a repute of whining, contrary to that, experiences shows Australians should get Gold Medal for this race. It has been the same story for Australian decade, they even raised some questions for their Ashes tour as well. There would be hardly any tour in last decade when Australians tourist has not been given a security warning. It might be an effort of saving some tourism dollars. Surprisingly enough when lure of dollar came up calling they do not seems to be too hesitant, like they did for IPL and even its lesser cousin ICL.

If they can visit South Africa to play soccer world cup despite the fact that it is  more dangrous place than Afghanistan then what stops them from visiting Pakistan for cricket? which ofcoarse is more secure place than Afganistan.

Is this fuss over security is a cry for more $$$ or just double standards for Pakistan?