Import and Export

May 4, 2010

After reading a recent article in Time Magazine I got to know that Pakistanis enjoy the fireworks every now and then. The love fireworks is the reason there are plenty explosions in our markets. Pakistan’s population is growing on an alarming rate, so explosive bombs in the country also serves as a way of controlling our population.
I wonder, does the rest of the world even know that, we are not so different from you. There have been countless bomb explosions in Pakistan and yet we do not even know who is behind it and how to control it.

It would be a fair question if we were getting any profit out of these exports. These exports should be rejected and dumped into the ocean, we do not want them back either. I get asked many questions on the basis of my nationality, most of these questions starts with ‘Why’. I just want to make things clear that I have lived in Pakistan most part of my life but have never interviewed a terrorist or have never crossed my paths with one, not that I know of. I have never even came across a religious scholar, who has promoted terrorism either, that I keep hearing about on International news channels.