Illegal ‘F’ Bombs

January 31, 2011

This is probably the funniest legislative changes that I have ever heard. Government of Malawi is planning to ban excretion of air from back exit. In simple words ‘Farting’ will be illegal if this new law will be implicated.

In my school days farting in a class room was considered as the worst act imaginable but this crime was committed on regular occasions. The culprits were so skillful that they had never been caught. It would be interesting to see how Malawi will train their F sniffing police to pinpoint the exact hole.


Pakistan Cricket Board is a laughing stock for cricketing world, for a very many years now. Current political situation seems like a scene from ‘Black-Adder’. Prince Zardari, a.k.a Black Bladder (BB) has a keen interest in making money from anywhere and everywhere. BB was granted reins of this country in condolence of his wife’s death, the ‘Queen far-far away’.  Coming back to the topic, Black Bladder has gifted the money minting department of Pakistan Cricket Board to one of his favorite clowns, iButt.

A couple of days ago ICC has issued Pakistan a very stern warning of cleaning up their act otherwise they will pay the price.  Black Bladder had a big laugh on this statement by ICC, rubbishing the cricketing authority.  Black Bladder, instead, have offered his congratulations to iButt for his whole hearted efforts of ruining whatever left of Pakistan Cricket.

This blatant disregard of laws and principles are political and cultural norms of this country. These two idiots have been toying with the rules, time and times again. Nothing will change for Pakistan Cricket until ICC will not take strictest action against PCB.

There is no other solution to clean the mess PCB has created. This is not easy for me to say but, I demand a Complete Ban of PCB for at least two years.  Please ICC BAN PCB…