Advice to Simon Katich

June 12, 2011

We are so used to atrocities committed by PCB’s selection committee are so regular that it doesn’t even make it to news. It seems like selection bug has bitten Australia, which we all thought has immunization against it. Australia has dropped one of their best batsmen of last couple of years, Simon Katich. He might not be easy on some eyes, but in last two year he has scored with an average of 48.09 and has been consistently performing well for test cricket.

In a press conference Simon Katich lashed out at the Australian selection committee, in very sub-continental fashion. Katich, who is 35 years old (+175 days to date), pointed out age as the key reason for his axing. I do not believe it for a second, because 36½ years old Ricky Ponting, who, in my opinion, the worst Australian captain ever, is still included in the squad. 36 years old Michael Hussey, who was close to the boot last summer has been included in the central contract.

So my advice for Mr Katich is to suck it up or come out with all gun blazing, we want to see some action, ageism just does not do it. How about your scuffle with the new captain? add some bungle (Lara) in it to make some hot cricket news.