Asian Champions

Pakistan won the Asian cup but Bangladesh deserved it more. I have only praises for Bangladesh team nothing else.

But, interestingly India’s media has been blaming Sri Lankan team for deliberately losing to Bangladesh in semi finals. Indian media has been trying hard to link Sri Lankan connections with book makers, for obvious reasons. Not one finger was pointed any where when India lost to Bangladesh, few days ago. And what about Pakistan throwing a game in favor of India? All of that doesn’t matter..


Amazing Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has proved it in recent times that he is the best Indian batsman at the moment. Where Sachin Tendulkar has struggled, Kohli had thrived. In India’s recent tour of Australia Kohli was the stand out batsman, the only batsman who showed some courage on faster pitches.

Last night India has out classed Pakistan with the help of Kohli, chasing 329 in 48 overs, was a good win for Indians.