Monkeys are Back

May 31, 2011

After few weeks quiet weeks and not so eventful tour of West Indies, the PCB monkeys are back in business. I don’t want to offend monkeys by calling Ijaz Butt one of them. Shahid Afridi has resigned, in protest of mistreatment and becoming a puppet captain of the cricket team.

I am so sick and tired of PCB ‘s ineptness, that I can’t motivate myself to write few more words about it. All I can say is:

Monkeys are back in Business, get ready for another nasty episode of PCB’s self destruction.


Douchebag of the year

January 6, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen when it comes to pioneering cricketing achievements our people have outshone the rest of the cricket playing nations. Selecting the best from a very long and privileged list was not an easy task. The Douche bag of the year award goes to Ijaz Butt (head), making him the only person to hold this award four years in a row. A hattrick plus one, a feat which is very hard to repeat.