I have a great respect for anyone who does wicket keeping in cricket. It is very specialized job and it requires great skills. I have tried wicket keeping myself a few times and it gets really difficult when a spin bowler comes in to bowl. Inside edges, bails flying off, cuts and bat of the batsman, makes it pretty damn difficult. Recently, Mark Boucher, was hit by a bail,when Imran Tahir’s perfect googly hit the stumps. Wicket keepers have been very lucky that this thing hasn’t happened more often.

And the answer is :

Of coarse, it’s Michael Clark. No more to say.

Asian Champions

March 23, 2012

Pakistan won the Asian cup but Bangladesh deserved it more. I have only praises for Bangladesh team nothing else.

But, interestingly India’s media has been blaming Sri Lankan team for deliberately losing to Bangladesh in semi finals. Indian media has been trying hard to link Sri Lankan connections with book makers, for obvious reasons. Not one finger was pointed any where when India lost to Bangladesh, few days ago. And what about Pakistan throwing a game in favor of India? All of that doesn’t matter..


What a batsman he is, without arguments, The best ever.  His greatness wouldn’t be any less if he had retired at 99 international centuries. I am not sure whether he also hold the record of futile centuries just like his 100th hundred.

It was a historic day for Bangladesh, beating India in their home ground.


Pakistan Vs No 1 Team

January 28, 2012

A disappointing day for Indian cricket team turned out to be very exciting day for Pakistan. Stunning win over England can prove to be a turning point for Pakistan cricket, which has been under a lot of pressure for last couple of years.

Keeping it short today, I would require some time to digest this win, it’s been a long time coming.


Corruption in Pakistan

November 3, 2011

Corruption has became part our every day life in Pakistan. Life without corruption seems a mad man’s dream. Corrupt officials, politicians and members of armed forces living a luxurious lives without a hint of shame of any sort. Ordinary Pakistanis do not even realize that; the corruption is a punishable offense.

In a country, where murders get away with any sort of punishment, then corruption is a lot lesser offense. Currently, in Pakistan, there is so much talk going on print and other media about three match fixers. General media hosts / writers and population seems to be apologetic towards the trio.

My friends have shown their amazement on the prospects of seven years jail term of accused corrupt cricket players. It seems too harsh for them. A strict punishment for the trio would really help Pakistanis the ‘power of law’ and importance of having a free judiciary system, not only for cricket but on a much larger scale.

After an apologetic statement by Amir was read , the Judge of the case Mr Justice Cooke said : “An inference that could be drawn is that this was such a widespread activity in the team that a newcomer could be infected with the activity, as this was a norm.” This statement was given for Pakistan Cricket team, unfortunately, I can apply this to a lot of situations in this country of mine.

Australian Cricket’s sharp decline from one of the best team ever to it’s current situation is surprising for any cricket fan. I might not be wrong to say that true cricket nuts were wishing this slump for a long time, ever since they made a wild Tasmanian Devil the skipper of one of the best team in the world.

Ricky Ponting was one of the luckiest captains to have likes of Glen McGrath, Shane Warne in the team. But, the decline of Australian Cricket was quiet obvious, when they included one of the Chappell in the selection committee. Chappell brothers were great players and great captains but they were somewhat eccentric in their approach. Their blunt, opinionated and single minded approach might be suitable for on ground activities but they definitely are not management and selection material.

In a way, rest of the world is thankful to Chappelles for bringing down Australia to it’s current state, which, otherwise was not possible. They have provided similar services to Australia as what Ijaz Butt has done to Pakistan Cricket Team.

Australians; on behalf of rest of the world, I would like to say

“Thank you very much Chappelles.”