Miss tuk ul Haq

February 29, 2012

I might not be wrong by saying that, Misbah ul Haq is Anti Imran Khan. I am not talking about politics, this argument is purely based on Captaining abilities. Imran Khan had a great role in Pakistani cricket history for setting up a role model of captaining the cricketing side. His motto was, ” Offense is the best form of defense”.

Misbah ul Haq defends, “Defense is the best form of defense”. Which, somehow have worked for Pakistani team in test form of cricket. I am not a impressed by his captaining abilities, sometimes extremely negative approach of play the game. But, on the other hand, I have to say the he is the best in what squad we have at the moment.



Is it Me or Cricket???

April 12, 2010

Watching rain of sixes, fours and creative shorts been played in almost every over of the game. Crowd goes



bizerk on every single hit that crosses the boundary or are they really? I love cricket to the core, emergence of T20 and then IPL was exciting in the beginning but all that is losing its charm. I do not feel like watching these batsmen dominated games anymore.

Bowlers are treated as second class citizens, where are the likes of those intimidating fast bowlers likes of Wasim Akram, McGrath and Waqar. I miss those “I am going to kill you next ball —-” looks.
I grew up watching mean Wasim Akram, furious Waqar and accurate Mcgrath who demanded respect from the likes of Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar. Why it has to be all one sided? All rules are against bowlers, all pitches are made for batting.
Four hundred sixes in couple of weeks, it is going all too predictable now what is next and what International Cricket Council is going to do next? In search of new audience ICC has forgotten the real cricket followers.


Waqar starring and Symond holding air inside.

Nothing to say

February 6, 2010

Pakistan kept their consistency and lost T20, they might have forgotten winning is possible. Much has been said in media and blogs so now I have anything to say about this miserable bunch.
Living in Pakistan is not fun but living outside of Pakistani as a a Pakistani can be even worse. How many times do we have to explain the unexplainable?

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi

Why those attack?
Why the other attack?
Why not banana republic?

Why the suicide bombing?
Why you are not a terrorist?
Why ball tempering?

Why corruption?
Why match fixing?
Why captaincy issues?

Why did he eat the ball?

Thankyou Afridi for the latest additions.